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Mount point's options Mount points are essential for Gex'es functionality. You can define unlimited amount of mount points and use them to navigate your directory tree.

When a mount point is also defined in /etc/fstab file Gex knows if it can be mounted or unmounted by current user and uses /etc/mtab to check its current 'mounted' status. You can override this behaviour by defining custom mount and unmount commands.

Linux filesystem allows partitions to be mounted with different charset encodings. For example if your native encoding is ISO-8859-2 then you probably select this encoding as a default one in your kernel. But if you have for example an NTFS partition then you may want to mount it with UTF8 option.
Gex displays all file names using UTF8 so almost all different encodings may be correctly displayed. But you must inform Gex how it should convert file names read from your file system before actually displaying them. You can do it with 'Encoding' option of section in Gex config file or by setting up the mount point using File/Mount Points/_mount_point_/Edit menu.
If you don't set this option Gex uses your locale as a default encoding. So if you use for example ISO-8859-2 as your locale setting and some partition also is encoded using this locale, then no special settings are required in config file. But if you add a directory tree with encoding different than default, even UTF8 encoded one you must tell Gex about it so filenames with non-ASCII characters don't get messed up.
Note: Gex reads your default charset encoding from your locale settings (LC_CTYPE environment variable). These may be different than your kernel settings and thus default filesystem encoding. Kernel's default encoding is set by option CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT in your kernel config.
If you have for example two entries: '/' encoded with ISO-8859-1 and '/mnt/xxx' with different encoding and you expand '/' branch to '/mnt' and further to '/mnt/vfat' Gex will display that subtree using correct UTF8 encoding just like for the '/mnt/vfat' mount point in folders tree. But if you create a symbolic link pointing to /mnt/vfat but located somewhere in '/' branch its content will be displayed using ISO encoding derived from '/' mount point. This will be fixed in the future.

Mount points may be hidden (not displayed in folders tree) but they are always used to resolve encodings.

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