Gex Help - User Interface: Selecting files

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You can use Selection menu or keyboard shortcuts to manipulate file selections in the file list.

Commands Select All, Select None and Select Invert are quite obvious.

Pattern selections

You can use filters to select and deselect files. When you choose one of these commands you can create a new temporary filter or load a named template.

Selecting similar files

Select one or more files, and then use Select similar... to add all similar files to current selection.

Selection templates

Selection templates editor You can use named selection templates to select or deselect files. Use Create Template... command to save current selection as a named template. Edit Templates... command opens a simple dialog with all defined templates listed in a tree view. There you can edit or delete them.


Summary utility Summary options Selection Summary command starts a summary counting utility. It counts how many files are selected including subdirectories and count types of these files. Also disk usage is counted. Default behaviour is not to dereference symbolic links, not count hard-linked files' disk usage and stay on the same filesystem when counting statistics. You can adjust these settings by using Advanced Selection Summary...

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