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Search utility can be invoked from application's main menu Tools/Search Files... or by clicking a toolbar button ('Search' in config file). A dialog window with searching options pops up. Search utility is a front-end for standard GNU find utility, so you must have it installed in order to make Gex searching work. Also GNU xargs, grep and fgrep utilities are required to make content filters work.


After clicking the Search button following steps are taken:

Search Path options

Content and Size options

Content checking options:

Size options:

If you select any option different than File size is unimportant only those files that match selected size criteria will be searched. For example selecting File is greater than ..., entering 10 and marking KB switch means that only files of size more than 10240 bytes will match (not inclusive).

Date and Time options

Select one of modify date, access date or change date options to enable filtering files on their date and time. Select one of date filtering modes: earlier than (date1), later than (date1), in range from (date1) to (date2), outside range from (date1) to (date2) to specify what kind of filter you exactly need.
(date1) and (date2) are the dates on the right side of the dialog near labels Date1 and Date2. To set one of them set the desired date on the calendar and time (hour and minute) and then press Set button. Selected date will be displayed near appropriate label.
When you select filter that needs both date1 and date2 and first date is later than second one Gex will automatically swap them although it's not displayed so you don't need to worry.

File Types options

Second column overrides the first one, so if some type is marked both to find and to filter out, it will be filtered out.

Advanced options

This tab contains options mostly for advanced users who have a basic knowledge of how GNU find utility works.

Output options

This tab contains options that define how search results should be presented.


All selected options may be saved as a preset for later use. All available presets are listed below option tabs. At any moment you can select one of them and click Load button to activate the preset. Also current preset may at any moment be saved by clicking Save as... button and providing preset's name. Finally you can delete unwanted presets.
Preset named Last used is special - it stores a set of options used for last performed searching. It is always created when you click the Search button and overwrites previous preset with that name.
When opening new search utility all options are set to blank, but Last used preset is always selected in the presets' list and you can quickly load it.

Show Command

This shows syntax of find command invoked for current set of options. File size and date filtering is performed internally by Gex so you won't see it in the command line.

Clear All

Removes all options and filters currently selected. This is faster than manual checking if some options is not enabled or not.

Project Gex, started by Jarek Dukat, 2002