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Run command utility This simple utility lets you to run other programs. Enter the name of a program to run or use browse button to find it on your disk. You don't need to specify full path to the program - your PATH environment variable will be searched to find the file.
You can select a working directory where the program will be run. If you leave this empty the working directory will be the same that was used to run Gex.
Use 'Run in terminal' checkbox to tell Gex to create a new terminal window before actually running the program. The terminal is then used to run the program. Terminal executable file is taken from config setting 'TerminalExec'. It must accept '-e' option to run other programs. xterm, Eterm and most other terminals does that.

Program arguments

You can provide arguments for the program you want to run. If an argument contains spaces or other special characters use single or double quotes to surround the argument. No environment variables are expanded and you can't use pipes to run multiple processes.

Command parsing

Before being executed commands are parsed using Gex style command extensions. See command line docs for more details.

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