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If you are interested in joining Gex development team (no matter which of above category is most interesting for you) just write email to me: Jarek Dukat <> . Please describe your skills shortly and tell me what you'd like to do.

Source code:

If you are a C++ coder and wish to help me in developing Gex just write email to me and we will discuss the details. I'll be glad to have more developers working on Gex. Currently I work alone :)


Gex now uses some Gtk+ stock images but there is far too few of them. Other icons are "borrowed" from KDE. I want to get rid of them as soon as possible and use icons created exclusively for Gex project. If you are an artist or just a hobbyist and you feel that you can help, please send me email.


If you already like Gex and feel you're going to be a happy user of this program, then perhaps you would like to convince other users to Gex. The best way to do it is write some good docs fully describing Gex features and attracting more users to it. If you like writing docs then you're the one I need :)


Currently Gex doesn't support national languages because there are no translators willing to work with me. But if you are interested in translating either docs or adding some language support right into the source code let me know and we will work together to make Gex speak you favorite language :)


If you're neither a coder nor a graphics artist but still want to help with development of Gex you surely can do it. I need testers who verify what I create. If you want to be a tester let me know!

Gex concepts:

If you are either advanced or newbie Linux user you surely have your own concepts how a perfect file manager should look like. Your opinions and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Please browse lists of already implemented and planned features and tell me what do you think about them.

Other help is also appreciated:

If you have any other idea not listed above and still want to help me just let me know. Each kind of help will be appreciated.

Project Gex, started by Jarek Dukat, 2002