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This page contains some screenshots from current and older versions of Gex.

Gex 0.0.2 - window
This is a screenshot from Gex version 0.0.2 which was not released on SourceForge. It used Gtk+ 1.2. The only implemented feature was browsing folder tree.

Gex 0.0.3 - window #1
Gex 0.0.3. It uses the new Gtk+ 2.0, so the interface's look & feel is slightly different that in version 0.0.2. Also some functionality of file list is implemented now and there is full support for file filtering, but unfortunately it is not visible on the screen :)

Gex 0.0.3 - window #2
This screenshot is from the same Gex version as above one, but started with different config settings. This shows that the layout of file lists is flexible and flexible.

Gex 0.0.1 - file search
This is a screenshot from the very first Gex 0.0.1 which was not released (it was just an interface building test). But this screen show a first test to design a file searching utility. Originally I wanted to put it on a tab in the folder tree window, but I abandoned this idea.

Gex 0.0.4 - file search
This is a new file search utility from Gex 0.0.4. It pops up as a dialog window with tabs. These tabs contain groups of options for file searching. Three sample tabs are shown on the picture.

Gex 0.0.5 - window
Some new UI elements are visible on this screenshot. File lists are more functional, status bars display useful statistics and below the workspace you can see the log window.

Gex 0.0.6 - window
Just a new screenshot ;) It doesn't show much new stuff as Gex 0.0.6's new features are mostly hidden in menus and toolbars. But hey, doesn't antialiased font look neat? ;)

Project Gex, started by Jarek Dukat, 2002