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This is a wish-list of features I'm going to implement in Gex. Of course it will take a lot of time to complete it. During that time (probably and hopefully) this list will grow so development of Gex will be a continual process :) Even the current list is far from being complete and when I have new ideas or users send me their request I will add them here.

Workspace customization

Currently the workspace is already very customizable, but only by editing config files. There will be implemented tools in GUI of Gex allowing user change workspace layout on the fly, edit toolbars and data views, save templates and change them using easy to use dialogs and menus. The final target is to allow user edit every single option that can be stored in config file from within the GUI.

Command line options support

Allow user to supply an extensive set of command line options. Some of them could overwrite config settings, other be completely not related with Gex configuration.

Data views

Support for data views different than simple file list will be provided. Such data views will be able to display common image formats, preview text files, hex view of binary files or just display files, folders and disk statistics.

Virtual file systems

Support for virtual file systems - this mean treating archives and other compound file types as a part of regular file system. This feature is already implemented in many file managers and Gex must have it too :)

FTP file system

An extension to VFS - implement a simple (and later perhaps a more advanced) FTP/SFTP client into Gex.

Virtual links system

User will be able to define virtual links between different locations on file systems. Such links will be stored in Gex config files instead of real file system, so user can create links in places where normally it has read-only access.

Extensive set of GUI tools for operations on files

This is what really defines the power of file manager. GUI tools for copying, archiving, renaming, changing permissions and attributes of files and many many other tools. All of them will provide astonishing amount of options and switches in a user friendly way.

Project Gex, started by Jarek Dukat, 2002