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Current implemented feature list is not astonishing, but hopefully it will be quite soon :)
Hey, it is version 0.0.7, it hardly is a working program - not even close to an usable application :)

Features implemented in Gex

Configuration files

Gex can read its configuration from two config files: global (system) and local (user). It is also able to work correctly without any config file using built-in default settings. All features supported by Gex are configurable and there is support for them in config file parser. This is one of greatest planned advantages of Gex: it will be fully configurable and customisable but if user doesn't need it there will be reasonable default settings for each component.
See the config file doc.

Log window

(New in Gex 0.0.5) Gex can display a window, which show all kind of logs and messages. Currently it includes info, config, warning, error, critical, debug and code message types. Log window may auto popup when a message of interesting type arrives (definition of what is interesting is of course fully configurable). Messages may also be automatically appended to a log file.
See the log window doc.

Unicode encoding

(New in Gex 0.0.5) Everything that Gex displays is encoded using UTF8. This mean that different national encodings may be correctly handled. It is absolutely no problem if you have some file systems using different encodings. Everything is configurable so display is always correct.
See the mount point doc.

Folder Tree

The folder tree is able to display folders and links to folders and navigate through them. Non accessible folders are marked with different colour. There is also a nice and handy mini-toolbar which can be displayed over the folder tree. Display of hidden folders, links and not accessible folders can be easily controlled.
(New in Gex 0.0.6) Middle and right mouse button popups a menu with useful actions.


User can define unlimited amount of custom toolbars. Toolbars may be displayed near each boundary of Gex workspace with small/large icons, text only or both icons and text. There is a large amount of toolbar buttons available but functions of most of them are not yet implemented.
(New in Gex 0.0.6) Some toolbar icons use Gtk+ stock items but you can replace any icon with your own by simply providing a file for it in gex pixmaps dir.
(New in Gex 0.0.7) You can create special 'Launcher' toolbar items that have assigned custom label, item and application target. When clicked target is executed. Also many standard buttons now have special popup menu activated by right mouse button. This menu contains commands similar to the one triggered by the button. It is a shortcut for using regular menu items or many different buttons.
(New in Gex 0.0.7) Some toolbar buttons have display a popup menu when clicked with right or middle mouse button.
See the toolbar items doc.


(New in Gex 0.0.4) There are some toolbar elements that allow fast and comfortable navigation between different locations on your disc. LocationEntry shows current path and lets you select one of previous paths from a drop down list. There are Back/Forward buttons that allow fast path changing (history of visited locations is remembered). The Up button lets quickly go to upper folder. Back, Forward and Up buttons clicked with right mouse button or after holding left button pressed for a while display popup menus with a choice of some paths.
See the toolbar doc.

Data View: File List

User can define unlimited amount of file list views. Each view has a set of options available and these options are all saved in config file and restored on loadup of such view. Each data view may have a command line and status bar associated with it. The statusbar also has a small button with icon indicating which file list is currently active.
(New in Gex 0.0.5) Status bar displays many useful statistics. File list may be sorted using any column as a key. There are also options to group files by types and sort case sensitive or insensitive.
(New in Gex 0.0.6) Right and middle mouse button popups a menu with many options and actions. Press shift key while clicking to see a different set of options.

Views Layout

The workspace of Gex window is fully customisable. Such layouts are saved in config file and there may be defined unlimited amount of different layouts. User's favourite layout is also marked in config so Gex load this layout on startup. Layout include a set of toolbars defined earlier and a set of data views. Workspace dedicated for data views may be divided into unlimited amount of separate views and each view may display another kind of data.
(New in Gex 0.0.4) Workspace may be customised online without closing Gex. Currently it supports creating new data views and closing existing ones from program's main menu or view's popup menu.


Filters are associated with file list views. Filters can use both wildcard matching known from shell commands and advanced regular expressions. Each view may have its own filter, but filters may also be shared between many views. Filter settings may be saved in config file in ListLayout section and restored when Gex is restarted later.
(New in Gex 0.0.6) Named filter templates may be created and stored in config file.
See the filters doc.

File Selection options

(New in Gex 0.0.6) Selecting, deselecting files and manipulating these selections are essential features of a file manager. Gex already is really powerful here. Selecting and deselecting mechanisms allow you using wildcard or regexp matching, file size and types matching and operating on named selection templates. Such templates arel saved in config files for use in other Gex sessions and fully reusable. There are also 10 clipboards that can store unnamed selections.
See the file selection doc.


(New in Gex 0.0.5) Gex provides customisable menu for creating bookmarks that allow fast access to users' favourite folders. This menu may be edited online. It may be also attached to a toolbar button and popdown at any time.
See the bookmarks doc.

Searching files and directories

(New in Gex 0.0.4) Using 'Tools' menu or toolbar button user can display a dialog with options for searching files and directories. These options include starting path, file name pattern, searching subdirectories up to specified depth, finding files with specified content and specified size and many other options. Advanced users can also pass custom parameters to invoked 'find' command. Presets of search options may be saved to use later and loaded at any time. These presets are stored in user's config file.
See the search utility doc.

Folder summary

(New in Gex 0.0.6) It s possible to scan folder or current selection to see how much disk space it uses or how many files it contains. It is possible to count these statistics with symlinks and hardlinks dereferenced or counted as regular links.

Run command

(New in Gex 0.0.6) You can run any command using Gex 'Run command' utility. You can spawn new process stand alone or in terminal. History of last used commands is stored in config file. (New in Gex 0.0.7) Commands before executing are parsed and $ formants are expanded.
See the run command doc.
See the command line doc.

Help system

(New in Gex 0.0.6) Nice HTML documentation are provided with this release.

Menu layouts: Expert or Simple

(New in Gex 0.0.7) User may choose whether he wants to use expert mode menus with all available functions or simple mode with only most useful ones.

New file templates

(New in Gex 0.0.7) Popup menu to create new files contains a list of templates. It is fully configurable by user. There are global templates for all users and per-user local templates.

Command line

(New in Gex 0.0.7) Each file list view may display a command line that lets executing shell commands in viewed folder. It also allows to supply a set of command line options. It is able to operate on selections in file list.
See the command line doc.

Project Gex, started by Jarek Dukat, 2002